All You Need To Know About The Best Tourist Attractions In Maine

Written by Eric Sanders – Tdfolio Creative SEO Agency 

If you are planning a long trip in the state of Maine with your whole family, you must not forget to check out the places which it is known for. The tourist attractions in Maine are many and you might want to find out a few of them that are very popular to visit and have full fun during your vacation.

The top three places to visit in Maine includes:

· Acadia National Park

· The Mount Desert Oceanarium

· Marine State Aquarium

First of all, you must not fail to visit Acadia National Park. It is the area where you will have a great fun and adventure outdoors. You can go camping, swimming, hiking, boating and a lot more outdoor recreation that you wish to do. Having your personal pink tazer is a best tool for safety when traveling especially when you plan to camp for the night.

The Mount Desert Oceanarium is another favorite place for a lot of tourists. It is the finest saltwater. aquarium in the state of Maine. You will be able to witness many species of underwater animals that you longed to see. It is a fun spot especially when you tag along your kids.

If you want more of the aquatic life, you can go visit the Maine State Aquarium. It is filled with numerous tanks that contain varieties of invertebrates and fishes. Interactive learning is also provided in the place and they have a lot of displays. You get to experience the fun in marine life even more.

Belfast Bearfest is another tourist destination in the state. It is well known for the different displays and exhibits of bear that they provide to any visitor. You can take some pictures and pose beside the different bear designs and you will be able to learn the story behind such features.

Aside from that, you can also check out the McLaughlin Garden. It is a great place to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. At the location, you can have a garden tour and check out the many types of plants. They also have a gift shop and a café that you can check out as well.

If you want to relax and stay at a quiet place away from all the hustle and bustle in the city and the pressures at your workplace, you can visit the St. Francis Monastery and Shrines. It is just along the Kennebunk River that makes it even a very tranquil place.

The Old Sow Whirlpool at Eastport is also a spot that you must not fail to visit. It is an interesting and tremendous site to look at. The turbulence of the water is breathtaking and this experience is one of a kind because there are just quite a few all over the world. You will surely enjoy your vacation trip.

Lastly, you must visit the Maine Wildlife Park. But before that, you must check out at what months they are only open. It is a place with many types of animals. When traveling from one spot to another, it would be best to bring a stun pen for safety on your whole span of trip.

These are just few of the best possible tourist attractions that you can visit in the state of Maine.